There are seven intelligence type according to HCD. These are starting with survival intelligence or biological/cellular and  continues with emotional intelligence, which goes up to creative and existential or spiritual intelligence.

At the seventh level all of them together makes up an integral intelligence and it is the mean of persons sum of all six intelligence those come beforehand.

Our consciousness can be categorized or divided into seven fundamental group of functions. So we may say seventh level of consciousness or enlightenment is the final gestalt of consciousness.

Final level/enlightenment is like a music, and is more then the sum of all the previous level of instruments playing alone in an orchestra. So when we think of all different levels, we are talking about the skill of that particular instrument or level you may say. Here I can define intelligence as the skill and capacity to contribute to the whole. And our lives are the journey of developing and healing the weaknesses of each level and increase our intelligence to continue up to the ladder of individual evolution. 

While everyone has an activity on all six of the levels; everyone has their center at one level among the seven. So spotting that center and gradually carrying it to higher levels is one's inevitable life purpose.