Does our planet have a single name among the cultures? Is there a way to make it one?

The answer is simply, no. There is no single calling of our planet.

We have seven planets in our Solar System other than the one we live in.

In order of distance from the sun they are; MercuryVenusOursMarsJupiterSaturnUranus, and Neptune. Pluto, which until recently was considered to be the farthest planet, is now classified as a dwarf planet.

No arguments are going around these names and all of these planets are known with these names all around the world.


Planet earth has plenty of different names, even in English and other few generally spoken European languages. Remember there are roughly 5000 languages spoken on our planet.

 In English, it is widely known as World, Gaia, Gaea

Earth is Terra in Italian, as you may have guessed it comes from Latin word terra. Tierra and Terre are the Spanish and French versions of the same Latin root. 

By the same token extra terrestrial refers to the beings belong to the planets other than terra or Earth.

But imagine an extraterrestrial that would land on earth, to any geographic part of it, and asking the local name of our planet. He wouldn't get any single answer.

In English "Earth" came from the Anglo-Saxon word "erda" and the German word "erde," both of which means ground or soil. The Old English version of these words became "eor(th)e" or "ertha," which eventually became "Earth." 

In Arabic it is Dunia in Vietnamiesse an extraterrestrial would hear something like jenjeng.

Like the name of our planet we don't have a common symbol of our planet as well. I mean it could be early to make a galactic Olympics and see our planets flag over there but

don't you think that it would be nice to have a single name and a flag of World. Maybe that flag would be standing next to each countries own flag.

But it would serve for the family of humanity sharing a single planet and it is expected by every nation by the admitting to hang the same flag and call the world with the same word.

Yes there is UN's flag and there are some world symbols that can be found on the internet but these are not serving the objective and woven to the cultures of our Planet. 


My suggestion is to design an AI that will extract the sound that will come out when 250 different versions of the name of the world are spoken at once.

Also, this same AI can produce a flag out of all flags of countries and can put it in a graphic of our globe-shaped planet.

I don't know if this method would work to designate the name and the flag, but it would work to remind and give the awareness to unify the human race under one only living shelter.

The shelter that solemnly needs to be taken care of environmentally, politically, and as a whole.


Talking about the name of our planet, the same is valid for Moon too...


Below there is the list of some of over 80 names of Earth in different languages at:


Albanian         tokë

Basque            lurra

Bosnian           zemlja

Catalan           terra

Croatian          Zemlja

Czech              Zeme

Danis               jorden

Dutch              aarde

Estonian          maa

Finnish             maa

French             Terre

Galician          terra

German          Erde

Greek              γη (gi)

Hungarian       föld

 Iceland            icJörð

 Irish                 cré

Italian             terra

Latvian            zeme

Lithuanian       zeme