Our species going through challenging times. And like all challenging experiences we have to extract our lessons in order to continue stronger. 

Therefore, I believe we need to diagnose the current situation without any sugar coating. For that It is essential to see what we could have done and what we are doing.

And of cource, is the fundemental structure of our approach to human and life in general on the planet needs to be reviewed? That also deserves questioning.

10 Deadly facts about corona virus:


  1. Unfortunately Covid 19 showed to our ‘civilization’ that, especially starting from WHO almost non of the political, social or other unions like UN, EU or even NATO have any crisis protocols for a pandemic that can effect either part or whole of the planet.
  2. There are only wise but individual exceptions like Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Germany and few other among 220 countries.
  3. No countries signed any common protocol of act for the continuation and sustainability of the human and life in general on the planet against a global health threat.
  4. Once again, we saw that, our global society is too fragile and getting even more, against natures routines.
  5. No social, health or economic models or simulations has studied prior to the rise of a pandemic in any country other then Bill Gate’s, which was not taken seriously by relevant institutions.
  6. There are no national and international standarts to act on for such a pandemic like travel restrictions, schools, borders, health and food basics or sustainability of supply chain and production. Please follow at commends.
  7. Every government has its own experimental approach which produces a non-calculated risk for own and for rest of the world. Recall what governments of UK and US has demonstrated at the fist phase of the pandemic. Also the uncertainty around the masks couldnt get clear for five consequtive months.
  8. There was dangerous panic across the governments. Many of them aggressively seized or bribed other countries shipments of medical material which may dangerously lead to a battle! Medical supplies fell into black market and governemnets had to ban sales or punish opportunists.
  9. Even after six months there are no international crisis desk formed by health ministers/ directors of countries that shares best practices, needs or organizes any cooperation by gathering in weekly basis under the organization of WHO.
  10. There was almost no comprehensive strategic health infrastructure management studied  by international institutions. Fundemental requirements of a global health threat like intensive care units, ventilators labs, pcrs or production of disposables like masks, gloves etc. was not planned or foreseen.

I believe this level of preparation needs a totally different approach and life philisophy to the (human)life on earth.

For that we need to shift our focus; as humans, we are fragile species just like the rest of the life on the planet. Life is a sophisticated phase of evolution that has to be treated with a supreme value.

At this point it is essential to remember that without clean air, water and food there will be no life on the planet which are all in danger with known reasons for some time now.

And also looking from a distance, it is pretty difficult to define what is alive and what is not on the earth like a glass of sea water or soil that contains billions of life forms. That is simply because living beings are dependent to nonliving matter which needs to be treated by care and balance.


Simply by being the provider and platform of life, we shall define our planet as alive.

Alive like one big complex organism.


And also, we shall remove our species from the center of attention and start working on creating an integral balance with our surrounding universe, instead of exploiting the resources as if they will not come to an end.

While doing so we need to treat the life on planet equal and preserve the dignity of every human being.

This of course needs a reform at our approach to human life with all of its aspects such as peace, safety, food, shelter, education, work, democracy and higher human needs such as art.

Providing these standards at hometowns of people before they become refugees.

This will not be realized via mere economic approach of capitalism. Even the epistemology of capitalism excludes other vital components of a sustainable living planet while putting capital and economy into the center of the philosophy.

We need to come out with another term that embrace fundamental aspects and values of life and existence and underline balance, sustainability and lean.

It needs to be wholistic while preserving the integrity of life, planet and humans. Because we have seen that if we don’t take care of the most vulnerable we become vulnerable.


Why not providing funds and sanctions in return to settlement of life and preservation of environment

Why not providing basic food, shelter and education for ALL, instead of spending our funds to mass destruction weapons, luxuries and access consumerism. With ten years of spending we can take care of every human being’s fundamental rights. Ten years of mobilization and focus on the integral-ization of life will bring peace, equality and abundance to our planet. Every child, woman and man deserve a decent life and to live that life with dignity.

Today a virus has shown that our specie is living an immature and spoiled life whom needs to get himself together and take responsible steps towards adulthood.

We can form our relations with an interconnected and interdependent level among every human being. We can reform our dysfunctional national and international institutions.

Why not working on a single world flag that will standout nearby every country’s own flag. A flag that is created for the sake of a universal reference, above political symbols.

Maybe we can remember that we belong to one, big but single living organism called ‘earth’.

And yes what is our planet called? Mars is Mars in 200 languages while earth has different names for every language.

So together with one flag I believe we need a single name to call our planet.

That way like John Lennon once said we may imagine the inhabitants of this planet that carry their common flag and same name will develop a common belonging which would be a peaceful start to develop the following values on it.

We saw that trillions of dollars can be raised in a single month against a close threat to a modest percentage of life on planet. Imagine the funds, solutions, creativity and mobilization that people may rise if we can initiate a global campaign.

The problem is that we need to see the wars, hunger, refugees, global warming and pollution as the same truck that is as close as corona virus which may rise this fall again. And like having no efficient crisis protocols for this pandemic we aren’t going to find a chance to be sorry if these other vulnerabilities hit us.

Today we have a chance to be more sensitive and focus on our common problems. Hope this global threat can bring an utmost awareness and a collective intention to save our planet.