Right after my enlightenment, which was 15 years ago; I started working on consciousness, existence, trans-personal psychology, philosophy, belief systems and much more. HCD is my 15 years of  readings and hands on experience with my clients. But whats more, it is the result of a major observation of my internal and external universe at every moment of it. 
Enlightenment is  a matter of moment but its bi-product is a non stop awareness of the following moments. How can it be? In one picture you literally wake up to oneness and the following picture you are back in your habitual perception of a separate body and identities. I can tell you ultimately get curious what the....(fill your own) is really going on!  

 'Wrong questions will lead to a boring wrong path' 

You will find it is easy to understand human nature and its oneness with the existence once you start to understand how nature/consciousness/existence really works. I know you heard this phrase several times in your life and, most probably it only worked out to a certain point. 
That's because you were always only in one plane/level/phase of consciousness and did not have the map and relationship of the rest of the six...you were seeking an orientation of your coordinates in your life and you needed to know where you were heading to.

In the mean time trying to find the meaning of your life! (you were on the wrong path, because you were looking for an answer for an individual not for the whole existence.) Dividing our nature in to seven fundamental function and  being able to observe them like six different instrument (or steps) in an orchestra making the seventh which is music or we shall say oneness, will become an absolute excitement for you! 
Moreover you will find your true destiny and will start to cooperate with it: enlightenment I strongly believe HCD will bring many openings for most of the readers. 

By offering a backbone of human nature; for professionals who works with human, scholars or just a self explorer, all will gain a clear perspective and a fundamental map to settle their already rich knowledge. They will immediately begin to categorize their vast amount of information and knowledge to explore the meaning of dynamics of existence and connection that constitutes this oneness.  
Also I believe this journey will enable HCD to get several contributions from world wide audience to continue to expand and evolve and eventually give back to whom it has been created by: oneness.