When we think of existence or in other words; consciousness; we witness the expanding and contracting nature of it. 

Human Consciousness Decoded is offering the backbone of this nature.

I very much believe that HCD will enlighten and inspire many scientists, therapist, coach, educator, and anyone who ever pursue awareness and consistent development in their whole life.

With this current version, I aimed to contribute to understand and achieve humanity's common and true objective of enlightenment.

From the book:

...at the end of the day, the expansion of consciousness is felt through a
reciprocal duplication of external models of life by the internal connection of
neurons of the individual brain.
Now our brains have the complete map of the external jungle which we
call life...

Furthermore, not only our brain but our whole body, including our co-connected
heart is coherent and in smooth harmony with the -once-infinite challenges of life.